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Prices 2018


The following table outlines the cost of licences for v2.1.1 in 2018. You make a single payment for a licence and have the option of Annual Maintenance.

Licenses are priced according to the type of the licencing organisation (Corporate, Small Business or Academic). Please ask StrataData for advice.

You can choose to have your licence(s) locked to a hardware key ("dongle"), and to be used only in conjunction with the key. You can move the dongle between different computers as required. You can use the licence to attach to a stand-alone database or a shared database on any of the supported database platforms.

If you choose a "floating" configuration you can install the software on as many machines as you want, but the number of licenses in use at any one time is controlled by a designated licence server machine, configured for one or more licences. In some circumstances you can "check out" a floating licence for use while away from the network e.g. at well-site, to be checked back in on return or after a fixed number of days.

It is also possible to mix hardware key based, and floating configurations.

For either type of licence, you can use the database platform of your choice, but we do not supply any database software itself, this must be licensed separately if required. We support the following database platforms: Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. For standalone single user databases we recommend and supply an Access database. You do not need an Access licence to be able to run StrataBugs. You can use Access as a small multi-user database but for larger groups (>3) you should consider the alternatives. MySQL is available to use under the GNU public licence as a free download or on a subscription service. Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are licensable products.

Prices quoted below are for a single user. Discounts are available for multiple users - please contact us for a quotation.

Prices are for 2019 and currency is pounds sterling exclusive of VAT.

Type of licence

Licence Cost
£ (GBP)

Annual Maintenance
£ (GBP)

Small business rate 5,500 550
Corporate rate 13,200 1,980
Academic rate POA POA
Student rate (minimum 6 users) POA n/a


You can upgrade from earlier versions of StrataBugs. If you have been a sustaining maintenance payer for at least three years (including the current year) or since you purchased V1.8 you will be able to upgrade free of charge to V2.1.1. Other users will be charged for upgrading according to the schedule below.

Maintenance record

Upgrade fee
£ (GBP)

Paid for preceding 3 years or since purchase FREE
Paid for 2 years out of the last 3 years including current year 660
Paid for 1 year out of the last 3 years including current year 940
Nomaintenance paid for three years or more including current year 1,320
Upgrade from V1.8 or earlier 1,486

Maintenance Agreement

Annual maintenance on all platforms includes full telephone/email support, maintenance revisions and, where deemed necessary, on-site visits (excluding expenses) and all functional improvements in line with product development during the contract year. For all licences the first 90 days maintenance is included in the purchase price.


We can provide user training sessions to suit client requirements. Please contact us for further information.

Data Management

StrataData can help you manage your existing corporate or contractor data. Please contact us for further information.

Paypal Payments - please add a transaction charge of 4% (UK customers) or 6% (overseas customers)