Updating to resolve Sentinel (dongle) driver issues

From Windows 10 update 1803, an incompatiblity somtimes causes the Sentinel driver to error, resulting in a licence denial. This section explains how to fix this.

Installing the latest Sentinel driver

The latest Sentinel driver can be found on the Gemalto site, or you can get a copy of the 7.6.0 driver from this link. Before installing the driver, remove the dongle and check which version you have installed by looking at Control Panel -> Programs and searching for Sentinel. If you have a previous version, uninstall it first. You will need to restart Windows, then install the 7.6.0 driver and restart.

Updating the StrataBugs components

You will need to download a new copy of the control panel and the driver dll. These will be soon included in the updater. For now, you can get a copy of the files from here:

32-bit files (if your existing sx32w.dll file is 36Kb or 36,352 bytes)

64-bit files (if your existing sx32w.dll file is 3,859Kb or 3,951,392 bytes)

Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract the contents into the StrataBugs main folder. If you are running the legacy charts module, you might also need to copy the 32-bit version of the new sx32w.dll file into the sbchart folder.