About StrataData

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StrataData offer a comprehensive biostratigraphic analysis and interpretation service through a number in-house specialists and associates with particular expertise in ostracods, foraminifera, calcareous algae, nannofossils and palynomorphs. All fossil groups of all ages can be dealt with - StrataData will always find an expert in the appropriate field!

StrataData staff and associates benefit from the backup of in-house computing expertise and StrataBugs software which is an ideal tool for biostratigraphic data management and interpretation. They can also call on specialist advice in the fields of seismic and sequence stratigraphy, mathematical geology and geochronology (Strontium isotope, Radiocarbon and OSL analyses) for dating, correlation and palaeoenvironmental interpretation.

StrataData is, therefore, particularly well placed to re-organise and re-interpret existing biostratigraphic databases, to integrate biostratigraphic results with other geological data, and perform complete review studies.

StrataData can carry out biostratigraphic analyses on samples supplied by clients at competitive rates. The results of routine biostratigraphic work carried out by StrataData are presented in standard reports which include a summary of results, full discussion of the conclusions and if appropriate, StrataBugs-generated distribution charts and interpreted geological data charts. The first two copies of any report are free of charge.

Projects are discussed at the outset to ensure that our work is carried out in the most effective way and regular updates ensure the our clients receive the best value for money.