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v2.1 New Features

Version of StrataBugs 2.1 is now available to download. From 18 Mar 2015 this is the standard release for new clients.

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Charts module based on dynamic templates

See the Charts help page for a 'get started' guide and other tutorials.

Project-based workflow

User privilege and 'read-only' objects

Lithostratigraphic schemes with diachronous and contemporaneous units


Creating a depth/age profile for well sections is a very powerful tool, but it does rely on working within a well-defined chronostratigrapic timescale, where stratigraphic stages are related to absolute time. To this end, all schemes are tied to a chronostratigraphy scheme. Units within schemes can be related to a time that is relative to a higher unit within the same scheme, or a chronostratigraphic unit, rather than expressing a fixed time - making arbitrary subdivisions of units more explicit.

Store and display magnetostratigraphy or "Chrons"

Surfaces with magnitude and 'observed' sequence picks

More flexible platforms - run on Windows 64-bit, OS X

We are pleased to announce the new addition of the Macintosh platform OS X, and 64-bit Windows to the supported platforms. Please refer to the compatibility matrix for more information.