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Upgrading to StrataBugs v2.1.1

The latest application download for v2.1 is compatible with both v2.1 and v2.1.1 databases. There are some small changes in the database between these two versions. The application will determine which database version you are connecting to (see Help | About from the Control Panel). Please refer to our Blog post to view the new features of v2.1.1. To change a database from v2.1 to v2.1.1 you can run a simple script. The script to run will vary depending on the database platform you are using. The most common platform for single users is h2, but some older single user databases will be in Access (*.mdb) format. Click on the link to download the script below. To run the script, open the Tools | Database Query window and paste the contents of the script into the window, and press Run. It will only take a few seconds to run. (The message will be "the query finished with no records updated"). Close the control panel and reopen it, and check, using Help | About that the database is now showing v2.1.1.

H2 and Oracle plus, for Oracle, additional Grant script.


SQL Server