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v2.0 change log

Applications moved from Test to Production 27 Feb 2014.

StrataBugs Production updates

Chart18 Oct 2012EnhancementProduction update.
Main18 Oct 2012EnhancementProduction update
Chart25 Oct 2012Bug fixCrash error when reopening some charts.
Main6 Nov 2012Bug fixImporting Composite Standard (unable to add new Composite).
Main7 Nov 2012EnhancementUndo operation for taxon occurrences. Internal code tidying
Main9 Nov 2012Bug fixImporting intervals that are linked to non-existant units, error on Match interval
util10 Nov 2012Bug fixUpload changed library
Main13 Nov 2012Bug fixCorrect change to unlogged taxon (side effect of change of 7 Nov).
Main21 Nov 2012Bug fixFix slow data load times (side effect of change of 7 Nov).
Main21 Nov 2012EnhancementAbility to match multiple to single analysts
Main21 Nov 2012EnhancementNew interactive lithology editor in "standard" chart tab
Main21 Nov 2012EnhancementAbility to show contents of taxon numeric dictionaries
Chart21 Nov 2012EnhancementWarning about obsolete lithology editor
Main22 Nov 2012Bug fixFile type selector for output due to Java version differences
Main22 Nov 2012Bug fixFurther improvement to multi-single analyst matching
Main26 Nov 2012Bug fixChart colours causing non-display and errors on chart tabs, and changes to undo
Main28 Nov 2012Bug fixDuplicate loading of interpreted data on matching to different version
Converter28 Nov 2012EnhancementList of missing analyst IDs. Pre-check of sample depths
Main30 Nov 2012EnhancementAudio confirmation for logging; reset picklist in semi-quant mode
Main30 Nov 2012Bug fixChart zoom out
Main04 Dec 2012EnhancementVarious enhancements to biostratigraphy panel
Main07 Dec 2012Bug fixCorrect remember/forget SB password at logon
Main10 Dec 2012Bug fixEnlargement of window on TaxaDB Move/Copy message
Converter10 Dec 2012Bug fixFix pre-check of sample depths. Check on igd_env entries.
Main2 Jan 2013EnhancementAdditional libraries for SVG export, though memory issue with PDF export.
Main2 Jan 2013Bug fixImport error on sequences from v1.8 DEX files
Main2 Jan 2013Bug fixAbundance scheme resetting in analysis header
Chart3 Jan 2013Bug fixDisplay multiple event LOCs from different versions in different panels.
Main9 Jan 2013Bug fixOrganiser import sequence pick matching
Chart11 Jan 2013Bug fixSample depth units on striplog not displaying correctly.
Main11 Jan 2013Bug fixError message in load zones
Main11 Jan 2013Bug fixScheme status names and colour changes in Organiser imports
Chart14 Jan 2013Bug fixChart header border affecting bold well name in centre.
Main15 Jan 2013Bug fixChecklist reader error for semi-quant data
Main24 Jan 2013Bug fixConnection manager, LOC import, generate intervals from LOC
Chart24 Jan 2013EnhancementProduction update.
Main24 Jan 2013EnhancementProduction update.
Main7 May 2013EnhancementReplacement of jsbugs2_0.jar due to method error problem.
Main 24 Jan 2013 Enhancement Internal updates to schemes, units and surfaces
Main 04 Feb 2013 Bug fix Pop-up menus in Samples & Interps charts
Charts 19 Feb 2013 Bug fix Correct first/last sorting and range plots for outcrops
Charts 19 Feb 2013 Bug fix Prevent application closure after update from WELLS_MASTER error
Main 20 Feb 2013 Enhancement Reader for Zone CSV files in Organiser
Main 21 Feb 2013 Bug fix more efficient print/PDF for Age charts
Main 22 Feb 2013 Enhancement More efficient PDF printing. Scheme chart export to PDF.
Main 22 Feb 2013 Enhancement improvements to IGD reader in organiser
Main 22 Feb 2013 Enhancement improvements to default chart limits and scales
Converter 25 Feb 2013 Bug fix Fix for sbchart table copy when using different locales
Main 26 Feb 2013 Bug fix update of sqtract colours
Main 28 Feb 2013 Bug fix Event export discipline fix. Fixes for import status issues.
Main 28 Feb 2013 Enhancement New file Open option for OpenWorks XLS files.
Main 8 Mar 2013 Bug fix CSV Reader fix for blank cells, TSCreator Reader fix.
Charts 16 Mar 2013 Bug fix Unconformity plotting for LOC in event panel.
Main 16 Mar 2013 Bug fix Commit database changes to LOC node updates.
Main 22 Mar 2013 Bug fix Internal changes to taxon database. Organiser well/project selection.
Main 28 Mar 2013 Bug fix Picklist group refresh, taxon merge fix, qualifier fixes, SQL Server read fix.
Charts 29 Mar 2013 Bug fix Warning on overrun on TVD values read instead of application crash. Increased buffer size.
Main 4 Apr 2013 Bug fix Taxon qualifiers. Subspecies in DEX files. Reading multiple DEX files.
Main 5 Apr 2013 Bug fix Palaeoenvironment display, Event error with java7.
Main 5 Apr 2013 Enhancement Save composite std. taxa as a group.
Main 8 Apr 2013 Bug fix Labels for small abundance values < 1 on charts.
Main 8 Apr 2013 Bug fix Fix loading error where base interval sample is null.
Charts 9 Apr 2013 Bug fix Biozone scheme selector for mixed case.
Main 9 Apr 2013 Enhancement Auto-save (new) charts. Workflow Match dialog enhancements. Handling of duplicate samples.
Main 9 Apr 2013 Enhancement Auto-chart generator to PDF.
Charts 9 Apr 2013 Bug fix Chart depth ranges for outcrop charts. Text overplotting in chart key.
Main 11 Apr 2013 Enhancement Merge utility for sub-types.
Main 11 Apr 2013 Enhancement New features for Samples, Biostrat Comments and Age Scale panels.
Charts 9 Apr 2013 Bug fix Selection of Default Version in Events panel.
Main 15 Apr 2013 Enhancement Audit info for taxa & groups; editable depth scales, fix barren bug.
Main 16 Apr 2013 Bug fix Analysis env edit.
Charts 16 Apr 2013 Bug fix Sequence pick overflow text.
Main 16 Apr 2013 Bug fix Error in RefreshEvents.
Main 18 Apr 2013 Enhancement Image browser during taxon matching. Image handling and other bug fixes.
Main 19 Apr 2013 Bug fix SQL Server Genus fix. Taxon data refresh fix.
Main 21 Apr 2013 Enhancement Unit names text placement on offset charts. Saving offset charts. Bug fixes to reading CSV files and handlig ┬Ám in taxon names.
Main 23 Apr 2013 Bug fix Taxon export fix. Default sample types for Outcrop CSV files.
Main 26 Apr 2013 Enhancement SQL Query dialog, pre-prepared queries. Stratigtraphic range plots. Sample type filter in taxon panel.
Main 29 Apr 2013 Enhancement Core shift dialog changes. Saving options for taxon panel. taxon panel add to age/depth, age and offset charts.
Charts 30 Apr 2013 Enhancement Suppress printing of '.' if species name is only a '.'
Main 30 Apr 2013 Enhancement Suppress printing of '.' if species name is only a '.'. Make qualifier displays "inclusive" and not "exclusive" allow changes to comments panel font size.
Main 1 May 2013 Bug fix Import interval comments, TSCreator Composite Reader fix. Refresh Comments fix
Main 8 May 2013 Bug fix Reading multiple files into workspace. TVD/Offset chart fixes.
Main 9 May 2013 Bug fix Biocom export issue. Default file name for export.
Main 10 May 2013 Bug fix Group and group set importing. Refresh error on samples.
Charts 13 May 2013 Bug fix Fix biozone scheme selection after template opening.
Main 15 May 2013 Bug fix Fix for CSV Reader with no taxa.
Main 16 May 2013 Enhancement Internal changes to events handling. Drag and drop to/from composite standards.
Main 17 May 2013 Bug Fix Change to sample matching to prevent import errors where there are similar samples.
Chart 17 May 2013 Bug Fix Template panel length checks, export/import multiple lines in text.
Chart 20 May 2013 Enhancement Plot barren flag for single-discipline Samples panel.
Main 20 May 2013 Enhancement Improvement to error message handling on Samples & Interpretations startup.
Main 20 May 2013 Bug Fix Fix events loading error.
Main 21 May 2013 Bug Fix Fix composite std edit error.
Main 22 May 2013 Enhancement Chart log file path editing. Fixes to database loading. Work-around for scheme editor duplicate unit error.
Main 3 Jun 2013 Bug Fix fix for error on taxon matching if taxon image folder is invalid. also, chartGen/wellheaderupdate commit. Events LDO plotting in feet.
Converter 4 Jun 2013 Bug Fix Deal with event project errors.
Main 4 Jun 2013 Bug Fix Age chart zones not displaying in wells when units are feet.
Main 6 Jun 2013 Bug Fix Tooltip ensure units set correctly when in feet. Well selector on match wells.
Chart 6 Jun 2013 Bug Fix More efficient wireline log plotting in TVD mode.
Main 11 Jun 2013 Enhancement Freeze pane feature for chart panels.
Main 13 Jun 2013 Bug Fix CSV export category fix, event composite standard prefixes import.
Main 18 Jun 2013 Bug Fix Fix glitches in taxon panel when duplicating grouped by group; and NaN error for relative calcs.
Main 20 Jun 2013 Bug Fix Fix lithology builder to work with outcrops. Various other small fixes.
Main 24 Jun 2013 Bug Fix Fixes to surface editing and sorting, "save selected" button for matching intervals, source column in matching analyses, XML reader XSD lookup timeout, fix project loading in auto-merge taxa.
Main 25 Jun 2013 Enhancement Abilty to select occurrence type when merging taxa. Abilty to merge from edit taxon dialog if edited version already exists.
Chart 28 Jun 2013 Bug Fix Sample lithology depth range on refresh.
Main 4 Jul 2013 Enhancement Key index, flexibility and improvements to scheme plotter. Logging sheet entry semi-quant.
Main 5 Jul 2013 Bug Fix Calculation of % when using CSV export as a group against a group set in columns.
Main 9 Jul 2013 Bug Fix Fix to environment scheme editor. Result checking on event insert/deletes to database.
Main 10 Jul 2013 Bug Fix Adding new species of genera when existing genus is stored in different case.
Converter 10 Jul 2013 Enhancement Allow jdbc connection to enable converter to run in 64-bit mode.
Main 15 Jul 2013 Enhancement Improvements to subsidence chart.
Main 15 Jul 2013 Bug Fix Fix to lithology reading from text files in feet.
Main 16 Jul 2013 Bug Fix Fix to selection of sorted analyses list for printing; allow editing of unit age to 0.
Main 17 Jul 2013 Bug Fix Fixed DEX file interval lithology and qualifiers reading.
Main 22 Jul 2013 Enhancement Improvements to Stratigraphic Range chart. Allow excluding of analyses when excluding samples.
Main 31 Jul 2013 Enhancement Default connection mode for Oracle databases.
Main 31 Jul 2013 Enhancement Web lookup from right-click within taxaDB list.
Main 2 Aug 2013 Enhancement Auto-merge of duplicate samples.
Main 2 Aug 2013 Enhancement Improvement to taxon panel: justification, display of intervals and events.
Main 5 Aug 2013 Bug Fix Units display in interval comments dialog in Organiser.
Main 6 Aug 2013 Bug Fix Taxon category alignment in CSV export. Inclusion and ordering of taxa in groups/picklists.
Main 6 Aug 2013 Enhancement ODM reader in Organiser.
Main 9 Aug 2013 Enhancement Option to output % reworking in CSV files.
Main 16 Aug 2013 Enhancement Introduce outer taxon panels.
Chart 19 Aug 2013 Bug Fix Outcrop reading wireline logs from database.
Main 16 Aug 2013 Enhancement Read semi-colon-delimited CSV files.
Chart 19 Aug 2013 Bug Fix Outcrop reading wireline logs from database.
Main 20 Aug 2013 Enhancement Import of Excel event/age files. Improvements to OW XLS reader. Allow reading of xlsx format files.
Main 21 Aug 2013 Enhancement Export dual line csv files for OW/Petrel in Organiser Save As Text options. Shannon diversity index.
Chart 22 Aug 2013 Bug Fix Fixed double plotting of "senusu" taxon names. Fix LOC plotting for reverse faults.
Main 22 Aug 2013 Bug Fix changes to taxa using "sensu". Editing counts > 32000. Overplotting shading on depth/age chart outside age range. Fix chart range setting in Feet.
Main 22 Aug 2013 Enhancement Save chart data as CSV file. Plotting of Chromalog curves.
Chart 4 Sep 2013 Bug Fix Wireline log plotting when switching to age scale. Dual depth plotting when depth is zero.
Main 4 Sep 2013 Bug Fix Fix intermittent error when plotting taxa panels.
Main 11 Sep 2013 Enhancement ODM import. Well header properties and saving.
Main 12 Sep 2013 Bug Fix Fix incorrect filtering of Micro/Macro events on composite standard panel plot.
Chart 13 Sep 2013 Bug Fix Enlarge palaeoenvironment font header.
Chart 30 Sep 2013 Enhancement Default systems tracts SB->SB and MFS->MFS.
Main 30 Sep 2013 Enhancement Default systems tracts SB->SB and MFS->MFS. Export option for text files to include boundary type.
Main 30 Sep 2013 Bug Fix Fix to file name and addition of samples types in XLS reader.
Main 1 Oct 2013 Enhancement Addition of Member sheet processing in XLS reader. Changes to taxon panel properties.
Main 2 Oct 2013 Enhancement Further error checking in XLS reader.
Main 11 Oct 2013 Enhancement Synonym scheme viewer, chache print page format, XLS reader for composite standard and sequence schemes, crosshairs for lithology data mode, chart size labels, font in composite standard panel, size limit on age column in scheme plot.
Main 11 Oct 2013 Bug Fix Fix saving of disciplines in event panel.
Chart 15 Oct 2013 Bug Fix Fix non-plotting of interpreted lithology in outcrop sections.
Chart 15 Oct 2013 Enhancement Added taxon occurrence key.
Main 15 Oct 2013 Bug Fix Fix null pointer exception in taxon panel drawing.
Chart 16 Oct 2013 Enhancement Correction, and colouring of key.
Chart 17 Oct 2013 Enhancement Formatting of biostrat comments over 140mm column width.
Main 17 Oct 2013 Bug Fix DEX File reader, CSV file reader, Sample copy dialog.
Chart 18 Oct 2013 Bug Fix Reformatting events when changing core shift preferences.
Main 18 Oct 2013 Bug Fix Sample selection in Interval dialog. Fill hierachy boundary types.
Main 18 Oct 2013 Bug Fix Fixed workspace version selector.
Main 5 Nov 2013 Bug Fix Version selector in Subsidence plot. Excluding events in importing composite stds. Well lat/ong to 3 decimals.
Main 6 Nov 2013 Bug Fix Inclusion of species type in logging sheet output.
Main 7 Nov 2013 Bug Fix Improvements to tooltipping in depth/age chart.
Main 8 Nov 2013 Bug Fix Event usage non-loading of version. Composite Std. editing.
Main 8 Nov 2013 Enhancement Display palenv on depth/age chart.
Main 8 Nov 2013 Enhancement Editing casing points/cored intervals in different depth units.
Main 11 Nov 2013 Bug Fix Fix for occasional error opening event dictionary.
Main 13 Nov 2013 Enhancement Added support for IGD_HDR table. Enabled user roaming licence checkout. Fixed colours on subsidence chart.
Main 21 Nov 2013 Bug Fix Fixed error opening Match Intervals dialog after matching wells. Fixed save error in Well Header, fixed error saving Sequence schemes in Oracle.
Main 22 Nov 2013 Enhancement Data saving in background. Lithlogy panel on depth/age chart. Sequence panel fixes.
Main 27 Nov 2013 Enhancement Sorting sample columns, further changes to data saving methods.
Main 29 Nov 2013 Enhancement Option to reassign Palaeoenvironment schemes.
Main 2 Dec 2013 Bug fix Depth unit display in Event Usage for Feet wells/samples.
Main 4 Dec 2013 Enhancement Surface panel properties dialog.
Main 9 Dec 2013 Enhancement Addition of synonym plotting on chart taxon panel.
Main 9 Dec 2013 Bug fix Error when loading data for export from Sample Audit information.
Main 9 Dec 2013 Critical Bug fix Fix for error after using palaeoenvironment scheme reassignmant option above.
Charts 12 Dec 2013 Bug fix Version selector in chart properties.
Main 12 Dec 2013 Enhancement Improvement to background shading of subsidence chart. Abundance shown on depth/Age chart.
Charts 16 Dec 2013 Enhancement Addition of Chromalog panel type.
Main 17 Dec 2013 Enhancement Improvement to text plotting in zone intervals on charts.
Main 20 Dec 2013 Enhancement Attempt to fix double-tap issue for Windows 8 touch screens.
Main 16 Jan 2014 Enhancement Attempt to fix image file selection issue.
Main 20 Jan 2014 Enhancement Added option of Sample Lithology panel to Depth/Age chart.
Main 21 Jan 2014 Bug fix Changes to Biocom import in Organiser.
Main 23 Jan 2014 Bug fix Fix to sample lithology panel plotting on age scale.
Main 23 Jan 2014 Bug fix Fix to taxon saving when codes included.
Main 30 Jan 2014 Bug fix Fix for project refresh error.
Main 4 Feb 2014 Bug fix Generating intervals from LOC when using sample top depths.
Charts 5 Feb 2014 Bug fix Zone level setting in blank panel for correlation chart background.
Main 6 Feb 2014 Bug fix Checking XML schema on file export. Fix to export of user names when containing '&'
Main 11 Feb 2014 Enhancement Option to filter events in range chart. Option to change caption height in chart panels, and text wrapping in panel headers.
Main 12 Feb 2014 Enhancement Support for reading TIFF image files (internally converted to jpegs).
Main 17 Feb 2014 Enhancement Indicate multiple group membership in composite range chart.
Main 18 Feb 2014 Enhancement Option to plot image thumbnails in range chart.
Main 19 Feb 2014 Bug fix Avoid database error in shared databases with LOC changes. Fixes to range chart image display
Main 21 Feb 2014 Enhancement Further changes to range chart images and image file name matching, and auto tiff file reading.
Main 24 Feb 2014 Bug fix Further changes to range chart images and image file name matching, and auto tiff file reading.
Main 27 Feb 2014 Enhancement Sorting on Match Group group selector.
Main 28 Feb 2014 Enhancement Selection of casing points from CDS view.
Charts 28 Feb 2014 Bug fix Windows metafile file name length extension.
Main 3 Mar 2014 Enhancement Reading well events from XLS workbooks.
Main 4 Mar 2014 Enhancement Option to combine analyses (different disciplines) in CSV export file.
Main 4 Mar 2014 Bug fix Fix for plotting palaeoenvs on subsidence chart.
Main 7 Mar 2014 Bug fix Null pointer exception in TaxonPanel when plotting chasrt with no events.
Main 12 Mar 2014 Bug fix Workaround for BugWare file reader.
Main 18 Mar 2014 Bug fix Fix generate event process generating duplicae events. Event merge utilty.
Main 19 Mar 2014 Bug fix Reading depths in Feet from sample XLS reader. Biocom change in bugwin reader.
Main 20 Mar 2014 Bug fix Small change to caption plotting.
Main 16 Apr 2014 Enhancement Cluster analysis option.
Main 16 Apr 2014 Enhancement Expansion of env scheme number of classes to 30. Option to allow multiple env schemes per well/version.
Main 16 Apr 2014 Bug fix Taxon dictionary age search fix. Make log depth d.p. display sticky.
Main 22 Apr 2014 Bug fix Fix for removal of version during import. Various small but fixes.
Main 23 Apr 2014 Bug fix Data refresh error fix. Select All refocus on table to allow Ctrl-C.
Main 29 Apr 2014 Enhancement Implementation of old SIS "StrataBugs" format file reader.
Main 29 Apr 2014 Bug fix Error on export using ampersand in IGD interval separator.
Main 30 Apr 2014 Enhancement Added XLS Reader for IGD Schemes.
Charts 30 Apr 2014 Bug fix Events panel version filtering.
Charts 2 May 2014 Bug fix Fix to TWT plotting error when no data present.
Main 6 May 2014 Bug fix Error when creating Map file from project well list.
Main 9 May 2014 Bug fix CSV semi colon import fix, comment from taxon fix, sample analyses "Prepared"/"Analysed" fix, reading Composite Std., from XLS fix.
Main 12 May 2014 Bug fix Lithology table editor fixes for qualifiers. Addition of title to text file saving. Fix for taxon range plotting in dist chart.
Main 13 May 2014 Bug fix LOG sample precision display to 3 d.p.
Main 14 May 2014 Bug fix TVD Offset chart error when using incomplete deviation survey
Main 15 May 2014 Enhancement Support for XLS and XLSX file types for importing distribution data from spreadsheets.
Main 16 May 2014 Bug fix Missing species on sample logging sheets if multiple pages and biostratigraphic comment present.
Main 21 May 2014 Bug fix Fix and enhacements to Scheme usage dialog. Mechanism to save event matches.
Main 22 May 2014 Bug fix Fix to Error index = -1 in Scheme usage dialog.
Main 23 May 2014 Bug fix Fix to XLS Reader for blank columns.
Charts 2 Jun 2014 Bug fix Fixed instances of interval separator length > 8 chars.
Main 12 Jun 2014 Bug fix Change to import file error message.
Main 19 Jun 2014 Enhancement Support for export restriction option.
Main 21 Jun 2014 Bug fix Fix conflict in analyses after importing DEX files. Fixes for SQL Server
Main 25 Jun 2014 Bug fix Fix problems setting barren sample. Fix saving/import progress errors and status setting.
Main 25 Jun 2014 Enhancement Added option to restrict data export. More interval text file read options
Main 26 Jun 2014 Bug fix Image and XML export fixes.
Main 27 Jun 2014 Enhancement Copy unsaved occurrences into non-empty analysis, shortcut button to insert from previous analysis, re-organise Taxa DB menu options & improve date searcher
Main 27 Jun 2014 Bug fix Refresh totals when typing in occurrences table, pre-filling event search/add dialog
Main 27 Jun 2014 Bug fix SQPick status check error.
Main 1 Jul 2014 Enhancement Improvements to messaging in Match Intervals, addition of trailing comma in CSV export.
Main 7 Jul 2014 Bug fix Exporting of sample lables with ampersands.
Main 9 Jul 2014 Enhancement Option for finding deepest event per well query.
Main 10 Jul 2014 Enhancement Option to save SQL and species queries as tab delimited files.
Main 11 Jul 2014 Bug fix Fix to XLS Sample reader to ignore blanks. Fix for taxon richness/diversity panel error in Charts.
Main 17 Jul 2014 Bug fix Increase tolerance of license heartbeat failure.
Main 17 Jul 2014 Bug fix Safeguard against double-clicking on different taxa in overlay to record occurrences.
Main 22 Jul 2014 Enhancement Add image icon to picklist. Make picklist and occurrence list Drag and Drop, show split factors for analyses and occurrences.
Main 24 Jul 2014 Bug fix Lithlogy picking at large scales/small depths. Event plotting and depth scale on Age chart.
Main 25 Jul 2014 Bug fix Composite Standard events on depth/age chart responds to "show depths" and "Event type".
Main 30 Jul 2014 Bug fix Fixes to lithology CSV file reader.
Main 6 Aug 2014 Bug fix Enable CSV reader to process comments even if there are no taxa.
Main 12 Aug 2014 Bug fix Fix table options dia;log for extended Occurrence table.
Main 13 Aug 2014 Enhancement Reader for sample-by-sample spreadsheert imports.
Main 23 Aug 2014 Bug fix Fix for workspace amnalyst error for importing events.
Main 22 Aug 2014 Bug fix Fix for workspace amnalyst error for importing events.
Main 1 Sep 2014 Bug fix Exporting TD of > 10 E+07. Saving unit usage list as a file. Dialog modalities in Scheme Editor.
Main 5 Sep 2014 Enhancement Scheme unit search options. Edit analysis sample.
Charts 9 Sep 2014 Bug fix Correlation lines for outcrops.
Charts 9 Sep 2014 Bug fix Wireline log panel correlation offsets.
Main 11 Sep 2014 Bug fix Wireline Log defaults fixes.
Charts 11 Sep 2014 Bug fix Fix for error when putting zero horizontal scale in Event panel graph.
Charts 16 Sep 2014 Enhancement Option to plot sub-headers with carat in panel title text.
Main 17 Sep 2014 Bug fix Wireline Log trace header numerical precision.
Main 17 Sep 2014 Enhancement Addition of option for default sample type in CSV etc. import.
Main 23 Sep 2014 Bug fix Wireline log header precision fix when scale is zero.
Main 24 Sep 2014 Bug fix Loss of zones in Samples and Interps when editing schemes. Auto-saving of table options/widths.
Charts 2 Oct 2014 Bug fix Fix to plotting chart on an age scale/Wheeler diagrams.
Charts 10 Oct 2014 Bug fix Fix to TWT plotting in Feet.
Main 10 Oct 2014 Bug fix Picklist double-click prevention of further clicks. Abundance scheme merging. XML/SBG file ignore case sensitive names.
Main 13 Oct 2014 Enhancement Improved error handling in scheme reassignment.
Main 13 Oct 2014 Enhancement Chart group/set auto-update. Preferred terms in tooltip on taxon panel.
Main 15 Oct 2014 Enhancement Change to sample depth parsing for text files to ignore thousands separator.
Main 29 Oct 2014 Enhancement Alternative connection string for charts when using JDBC connections (required for Java 8).
Main 29 Oct 2014 Bug fix Fix for exception opening project where scheme has been deleted.
Main 3 Nov 2014 Enhancement Reduce timeout on list type-ahead (affects picklist use).
Main 10 Nov 2014 Enhancement Enable confirmation sounds for overlays.
Main 24 Nov 2014 Enhancement Support for v2.1 lithostrat schemes in XML reader.
Main 25 Nov 2014 Enhancement XLS Reader for some IGD Schemes.
Main 10 Dec 2014 Enhancement Parameter for integratedSecurity for Jdbc SQL Server.
Main 11 Dec 2014 Enhancement Further change to sqlserver jdbc settings.
Main 5 Jan 2015 Enhancement Change to file readers.
Main 8 Jan 2015 Enhancement Diagnostics for SQL Server error.
Main 9 Jan 2015 Enhancement Category name captalisation and database copy string field trimming.
Main 19 Jan 2015 Bug fix Sequence name reading from tab files.
Main 23 Jan 2015 Enhancement Picklist/occurrence tab double-click and editing. taxon subspecies searching. Taxon author name display greying. Save-as group changes.
Main 23 Jan 2015 Bug fix Table column options and overlay designer fix. Picklist restore reset counts.
Main 2 Feb 2015 Enhancement Added sample label to analyses tab columns, click options, fix Occ table header, csv Export "+" order change. Surface Type recognition of tracts.
Main 9 Feb 2015 Bug fix Fix for non-export/import of core shift data in DEX and SBG files.
Main 11 Feb 2015 Enhancement Changes to window font sizes when using larger Windows font preferences.
Main 11 Feb 2015 Bug fix Fixes to deviation survey and wireline log readers. Removal of term Vertical Section and replaced with Horizontal Length.
Main 12 Feb 2015 Bug fix Fix for multiple selection of occurrences in table.
Main 18 Feb 2015 Bug fix Refreshing occurrence list in data refresh. Auto-refresh of taxa list. Auto-saving of picklist.
Main 20 Feb 2015 Enhancement Change to sequence tract colour above a TS into a SB.
Charts 20 Feb 2015 Enhancement Change to sequence tract colour above a TS into a SB.
Main 24 Feb 2015 Enhancement Event type switching on event import. Taxon occurrence edit switched for Reassign.
Main 25 Feb 2015 Bug fix Event type switching on event import - bug fix.
Main 26 Feb 2015 Bug fix Work around for duplicate event names when generating events.
Main 16 Mar 2015 Enhancement Option to display sequence disconformities.
Main 16 Mar 2015 Bug fix Correct tooltip setting to chart units.
Main 20 Mar 2015 Bug fix Fix error when generating Surfaces in IGD Schemes.
Main 23 Mar 2015 Bug fix Fix for error in Match Versions.
Chart 1 Apr 2015 Bug fix Correct rounding inconsistency in IGD Boundary depths.
Main 2 Apr 2015 Bug fix Fix for error when importing group and excluding taxa.
Main 7 Apr 2015 Bug fix Fix errors when refreshing database.
Main 8 Apr 2015 Bug fix Fix resource errors when refreshing taxa.
Chart 8 Apr 2015 Bug fix Fix for bug introduced on 1 Apr. Correct rounding inconsistency in IGD Boundary depths.
Main 9 Apr 2015 Bug fix Fix for age_curve table copying.
Main 10 Apr 2015 Bug fix Fix for CSV export sorting.