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v2.0 change log: test

The test version is being regularly updated. Please use the Updater to obtain the lastest version. You will notice a notification in blue, on the control panel, when a new version becomes available.

Changes to StrataBugs Test (since last production update)

Main 29 Apr 2015 Bug fix Fix for Oracle OS authentication connection parameters.
Main 29 Apr 2015 Bug fix Fix for reading sample lithology tables with Top Depth set
Main 5 May 2015 Bug fix Fix for non-reading of final line in XLS files.
Main 6 May 2015 Bug fix Fix for "No analyses selected" message when editing biostrat comments.
Chart 19 May 2015 Enhancement Option to display sequence disconformities.
Main 19 May 2015 Bug fix Fix for sample errors when using Top Depths and creating intervals from LOC.
Main 3 Jun 2015 Bug fix Correct highlighted/selected occurrence from picklist when occurrence list is sorted. Fix semi-quantitative recording of "insert previous" taxa.
Main 10 Jun 2015 Bug fix Attempt auto-reconnection for SQL Server dropped connections due to Windows in sleep mode.
Main 24 Jun 2015 Bug fix Fix biozone column shift in text output from Organiser.
Main 24 Jun 2015 Bug fix Diagnostic for PDF error.
Chart 24 Jun 2015 Bug fix Fixed sort order for sample lithologies.
Chart 9 Jul 2015 Bug fix Fix crashing on group set panel with null ID.
Chart 13 Jul 2015 Bug fix Potential fix for corruption in analyst ID in samples panel.
Main 31 Jul 2015 Bug fix Reading Well Events from XLS workbook.
Main 11 Sep 2015 Bug fix Chart module connection for qualified database domain names.
Main 21 Sep 2015 Bug fix Sub species qualifier duplication fix.
Main 06 Jan 2016 Bug fix Fix for comment errors when background refresh is on.
Main 11 Feb 2016 Bug fix Import of v2.1 style taxon groups and sets (excluding provision for group Genera).
Main 17 Feb 2016 Bug fix Attempt to reconnect after sql server dropout in picklist refresh.