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v2.1 change log


StrataBugs Production updates (for latest build, see test release)

Main 19 Oct 2016 Bug fix Fix to top correlation ines on AGE charts. Fix to multiple unsaved occurrences insertion.
Main 15 Sep 2016 Enhancement Multiple wireline log curve reader. Plus minor fixes.
Main 9 Sep 2016 Bug fix Fix to permissions issue adding scheme from file. change to line style of possible/probable boundaries.
Main 6 Sep 2016 Bug fix Re-selection of surfaces from table in sequence picker. Ovoid overplotting unobserved sequence correlations.
Main 13 Aug 2016 Bug fix Fix to age scale rounding and changes of options for range chart inclusion.
Main 9 Aug 2016 Bug fix Fixes to XLS spreadsheet import
Main 8 Aug 2016 Bug fix Fix error message in taxa refresh
Main 5 Aug 2016 Bug fix Fix XML export of sequence pick names including ampersands
Main 30 Jun 2016 Enhancement Option to combine events on range chart into abundance events using abundance scheme. Option to match all unmatched analysts
Main 21 Jul 2016 Enhancement Option for horizontal scales in age curves
Main 28 Jun 2016 Bug fix Event XLS reading prevent ignoring zero entries.
Main 17 Jun 2016 Enhancement New option to plot sawtooth stick and dot style.
Main 16 Jun 2016 Bug fix Overplotting of category name as caption in blank panel.
Main 16 Jun 2016 Enhancement Sequence units plotting units where picks outside panel depth range. Plot text label of spot unit on Vertical Section panel.
Main 14 Jun 2016 Enhancement Sequence units use informal pick name. Fix to category plotting on single taxon cateogry panels.
Main 10 Jun 2016 Bug fix Symbol plotting on Vertical Section panels. Correlation line further fix
Main 3 Jun 2016 Bug fix Correlation line error. auto-setting of environment samples.
Main 2 Jun 2016 Bug fix Plotting of narrow intervals in pipe diagrams on TVD scale. Fix for TVD scale plotting.
Main 2 Jun 2016 Bug fix Possible error in sample setting after adding zone
Main 1 Jun 2016 Enhancement Core shifts shown on events and biocomment panels. Dotted line at 0m core shift.
Main 1 Jun 2016 Enhancement Overplotting biozone scheme panels
Main 27 May 2016 Bug fix Simple symbol plotting on Vertical Section log curve
Main 26 May 2016 Bug fix Lgarithmic scale values for wireline log curves
Main 25 May 2016 Enhancement Extended panel caption options to enable more space for long headers.
Main 23 May 2016 Enhancement Option to CSV export preferred terms. Align chart header fields.
Main 20 May 2016 Enhancement Improvements to header well name and logo scaling
Main 10 May 2016 Bug fix Modified scale labelling. Increase wireline caption font
Main 9 May 2016 Enhancement Picklist keyboard shortcuts
Main 26 Apr 2016 Bug fix Fixes to standard chart header and barren flag setting
Main 26 Apr 2016 Bug fix Fixes to wireline log header and create database with foreign language jdbc driver.
Main 20 Apr 2016 Bug fix Fixes to age plot clipping and interval repeating above breaks. Error on data range refresh.
Main 12 Apr 2016 Bug fix Fixes to background correlation shading. Data refresh error fix. Depth interval display on chart header.
Main 6 Apr 2016 Bug fix Log scale wireline panel grid fix.
Main 22 Mar 2016 Enhancement Fix to chart key plotting on hard copy, and enhacements to background shading drawing (only into unconformities).
Main 15 Mar 2016 Enhancement Option to ouptut paleoenvironments as Text.
Main 15 Mar 2016 Bug fix Handling of duplicate Samples in DEX files.
Main 15 Mar 2016 Bug fix Fix for spurious corelation lines.
Main 4 Mar 2016 Bug fix Fix to PDF output when plotting disconformities.
Main 2 Mar 2016 Bug fix Fix to scheme reassignment of lithostrat schemes.
Main 1 Mar 2016 Enhancement Option to edit a range of samples at once.
Main 29 Feb 2016 Enhancement Option to show running totals in tablet overlay
Main 25 Feb 2016 Enhancement Support of XLS one occurrence per line import
Main 17 Feb 2016 Bug fix Outcrop CSV samples switch from negative to positive depths.
Main 15 Feb 2016 Bug fix Panel titles on depth/age chart overplotting when only plotted columns displayed. Fixes to Create Database from project. Refresh of composite standard events. Re-checking composite standcards being edited simultaneously.
Main 11 Feb 2016 Bug fix Refresh of Events and IGD units and Surfaces in database refresh cycle.
Main 9 Feb 2016 Bug fix Fix reading of Schemes from Excel. Error bars in depth/age chart now use Additon of project membership dialog.
Main 1 Feb 2016 Bug fix Fix errors in timestamp when CreateDB from Oracle Dbs.
Main 1 Feb 2016 Enhancement Count of in-situ taxa. Taxon headr panel height issues with event age, Event drag and drop.
Main 29 Jan 2016 Bug fix Prevent auto-match analyst on abbreviation only. Fix template export error for Oracle databases.
Main 29 Jan 2016 Bug fix Fix to outside the count error in some panel templates
Main 29 Jan 2016 Enhancement Support of optional h2 auto server
Main 26 Jan 2016 Enhancement Optional shading of pinch-outs (see below)
Main 20 Jan 2016 Bug fix Withdraw of below enhancement until refinement
Main 20 Jan 2016 Enhancement Background shading includes wedge of LHS/RHS units. Prevent correlation lines going through zone panels. Fix for biocomment refreshing.
Main 12 Jan 2016 Enhancement Add option to export wireline log as age scaled curve.
Main 12 Jan 2016 Bug fix Fix refresh when editing palenv schemes, and fix display of Outside the Count occurrences with quant dist. chart.
Main 8 Jan 2016 Bug fix Printing chart header (was missing from print output).
SBChart 8 Jan 2016 Bug fix Selection of version from multi version lithostrat
Main 15 Dec 2015 Bug fix Reading sing Cv or ? occurrences from CSV files.
Main 4 Dec 2015 Bug fix Deleting or merging events in correlation lines. CreateDB with scheme parent..
Main 1 Dec 2015 Enhancement Option to separate wells in correlation chart with relative spacing. Option to enlarge font on well block captions. Changed taxon panel scale tick text. Fixed Oracle error when removing well from project.
Main 25 Nov 2015 Bug fix Disappearing taxon panel data in datum shifted correlation charts. Ask to merge duplicate occurrences. RG file reader fixes.
Main 23 Nov 2015 Enhancement Option to disable sequence picks column. Fixed image import reading, bug with alt peroperties in template chart, scale panel for alternative units, option to select spreadsheet from workbook.
Main 13 Nov 2015 Bug fix Added derive sequence picks from depth/age curve.
Main 10 Nov 2015 Bug fix Fixed non-finishing of Delete Non-occurring taxa.
Main 3 Nov 2015 Bug fix Well data update when editin Palaeoenvironment schemes.
Main 2 Nov 2015 Enhancement Drag and drop organiser file handling.
Main 28 Sep 2015 Enhancement Production version updated.
Main 14 Jul 2015 Enhancement Support of legacy charts over H2 using PostgreSQL driver.
Charts 21 May 2015 Enhancement Chart magnifier.IPS Bathymeytry chart plotting.
Charts 29 Apr 2015 Bug fix Correlation template saving.
Main 30 Mar 2015 Bug fix Date/Time and driver language fix for SQL Server.
Main 18 Mar 2015 Release Initial production release.
Main Dec 2014 Bug fix Beta test updates.