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v1.8 Updates

See the change log for a full list of bug fixes and enhancements, and to download updates.

See the test change log for test versions of updates.


Libraries for XLS import for Organiser
Download this file and put it in your StrataBugs folder.

Updating v1.8 with the Updater

The preferred method of updating v1.8 binaries for Windows installations is to use Updater from a desktop icon. This will check file details automatically and show you which applications need updating. If you use the TEST button on the updater, you will receive recent fixes or extensions which are not yet on "general release". Applications on general release will have usually have been released previously for test and any problems corrected.

Click here to download the latest version of the updater (SBUpdate.jar). You may need to rename the downloaded file from SBUpdate.zip to SBUpdate.jar.

How to download these files without using Updater

We advise you to rename existing copies of applications, or back-up your StrataBugs folder, before extracting new versions, to enable you to return to a previous version if the updated version produces undesirable side effects. Some of the applications are licensed separately (on non-Oracle platforms) and will require a code from StrataData for their operation. Your existing installation should include all files whether you are licenced to run the application or not. Be sure to download the correct version for your system. Using the Help | About option within each application should tell you which version you are running, and the date it was built. You do not need to download fixes if the date shown in your Help | About is after the date shown on the modification description on these pages.

When you click on the links you should be prompted by your web browser to save a file. Normally you will be asked to save the file in a temporary location. This should not be your StrataBugs folder. Remember this location and download the file. Usually the files you download are in a compressed form, either as a .zip file, or as a .exe file, which may be a self-extracting zip file. You may need to obtain a copy of Winzip to decompress .zip files. With your file browser (Windows Explorer), find the downloaded file, decompress it, and extract the uncompressed binary application into your StrataBugs folder. The default Windows location for StrataBugs v1.8 is "C:\program files\sbugs1-8" but it may be different on your system. Click here to download the Windows updated binaries for v1.8.