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v2.1.1-14 Installation and Updates

You will need an updated license file with 2020 support to run v2.1.1-14.

1. Download the StrataBugs bundle including Java 14 for 64-bit Windows systems here.

2. Extract the zip file into a suitable folder e.g. "C:\StrataBugs\StrataBugs2-1-1-14" do NOT extract into "Program Files".

3. Create a shortcut to StrataBugs.exe onto your Desktop.

4. If you have a licence file, copy this to your StrataBugs folder and run. To obtain an evaulation licence, run StrataBugs.exe and copy the displayed hostid to StrataData for an evaluation licence.

5. If you have a previous installation of v2.1 you can choose to keep the database in the original folder, or move the database folder to the new location. If you decide to move the database, you will need to update the connection properties. If you do not have an existing database, contact StrataData.

4. If you have a logo for charts, copy to a file called logo.jpg in your StrataBugs2.1.1-14 folder.

5. To download program updates, use Config | Look for updates from the control panel.