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Getting started with v2.0

Follow these instructions to get StrataBugs v2.0 up and running on your computer.

Run the application by double-clicking StrataBugs. You should get a "splash screen", then a window with a message about a licence. If you have installed into a network drive and nothing appears, see Network Drives below, or if only the splash screen appears, then check your Java installation or contact StrataData for advice.

If you have been previously supplied with a hardware key (dongle), press the Test button. (Note: this will not work with old parallel port dongles - contact us if you have one of these and we will exchange it for a new USB dongle.)

Note: you may be asked by the updater if you want to enter 'Proxy Settings'. You will get this message if the updater cannot connect to the StrataData web site. Your site may require you to use a proxy server. If you look in the Internet settings of your browser (LAN Connection settings) you may find the proxy login details there.

Send us a screen shot of the message window (instructions for screenshots here), and if you have a dongle, the window that appears when you press the Test button. (We need to know the expiry date and the "licensed to" information and/or the machine hostid). This will allow us to generate a licence for you that will work with your computer, or your existing v1.8 dongle.

When you have received your licence file, put it in the StrataBugs v2 folder and restart the control panel. You can proceed to use the demo database. You will first see the Manage Connections dialog, then the Login dialog. Press the Help button for further instructions or follow this link.

Note: If the helper application StrataBugs does not start, try double-clicking the file jsbugs2_0.jar instead. If nothing happens, then check that you have the Java environment installed. If you get a message mentioning "AMD" then it is likely you are on a 64-bit version of Windows and you need to launch StrataBugs using the 32-bit JRE. We can supply a suitable script to enable this to run in these cases.

Network Drives

If you install Stratabugs on a network drive and the StrataBugs.exe program fails to run, then try starting from the jar file by double-clicking jsbugs2_0.jar. If this launches StrataBugs, then you should use this method of starting. You can create a shortbut to jsbugs2_0.jar on your desktop, ranem it to StrataBugs2, and change the shortcut's icon to that of the StrataBugs.exe file. If you run into memory problems while running StrataBugs in this mode, for instance if you have many wells or images open, then you can instead launch from a StrataBugs.bat file which looks like this:

echo off
REM Make sure we are in the right folder (for UNC drive launching)
pushd %~dp0
java -Xmx384m -jar jsbugs2_0.jar

The example above increases the memory allocation to StrataBugs to 384Mb from the java default.

Converting your v1.8 database

When you download the demo version you will be using the 'demo' database. If you want to use your existing v1.8 data with v2, you must copy it into a new v2.0 database (which you can download from here) via the conversion program (which you can download using the Updater). Running through the conversion will create a copy of your v1.8 data: it will still be available in its original form in v1.8. More information on the conversion process can be found here.

Note: all users migrating to v2.0 after the official release will have to complete this process. StrataData will be available to assist in this process. You only need to do the conversion once.

Licensing v2.0

When you receive your licence file (which will be a file name with a .lic file type), just put the file in the v2 folder. StrataBugs will find the licence file when it starts the control panel. Press Help on the licence check dialog for help in diagnosing licensing problems.

If you have been supplied with a hardware key (dongle) for v2, then you will also need to install the Sentinel Driver. (If you have previously used a key with v1.8 then you will already have the driver installed). You can download the driver from here.

If you have floating licence then you must have a machine to act as the licence server. This will normally be your file server machine or a dedicated license server within your organisation. We may issue a licence for the server machine or to a hardware key attached to the server. You must install the rlm end user software components together with the licence daemon and licence file from StrataData. Once installed, the licences can be monitored via a web browser. For complete information on setting up your licence server, and to download the rlm utilities, follow this link: http://www.reprisesoftware.com/support/end-users.php

Moving your system

You can move the StrataBugs 2 system to another location by simply moving the entire folder. You then only have to reset the pointer to the launcher or control panel to the new location.

You should ensure that the database file is located in a folder that is regularly backed up. You may wish to locate the database file in a different folder to the system files.

More information

The control panel application can also be started from the command line using the following command:

java -jar jsbugs2_0.jar

Using the above command might help in diagnosing start up problems. This command will only work correctly if you have the java runtime environment installed, and the "java" command is on your windows path. You may also be able to run the same command by double-clicking the jsbugs2_0.jar file.