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Updating to resolve Sentinel (dongle) driver issues

From Windows 10 update 1803, an incompatiblity somtimes causes the Sentinel driver to error, resulting in a licence denial. This section explains how to fix this.

Installing the latest Sentinel driver

The latest Sentinel driver can be found on the Gemalto site, or you can get a copy of the 7.6.0 driver from this link. Before installing the driver, remove the dongle and check which version you have installed by looking at Control Panel -> Programs and searching for Sentinel. If you have a previous version, uninstall it first. You will need to restart Windows, then install the 7.6.0 driver and restart.

Updating the StrataBugs components

You will need to download a new copy of the control panel and the driver dll. These are included in the updater, if you select the "latest" version.