Month: April 2023

Webinar dates for sessions 4 and 5

Thank you all for attending the webinar series so far. There will be a break next week, so the repeat of session 4 on a Tuesday will take place on the 2nd May 16.30 BST, registration link here. Session 4 will cover chart basics, how the templates work together, how to construct, use and edit templates to create charts.

Session 5 will extend the charts session and discuss maps, creating map blocks and layer templates. The first webinar of session 5 will be on Thursday 4th May at 10.00 BST, registration link here.

Webinar dates for sessions 2, 3 & 4

Contact me if you would like to access a recording or slides from the previous sessions.

Session 3 – Recording data – Taxa – Events – will be repeated on Tuesday 18th at 16:30 BST, registration link here.

Session 4 – Chart panels, layers, blocks and templates will be on Thursday 20th April at 10.0 BST, link here

There will be NO sessions in the week beginning the 24 April, we will resume the following week (w/c May 1st)

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