Month: December 2015

Templates: How Many Is Too Many?

Don’t be daunted by a long list of templates!

As the early adopters get into the swing of the new charts module, we’ve heard a mumble or two about the quantity of templates being created. A big advantage of the new charting system is that it can cut down on duplication; if you wanted to use the same panel design twice, why store (and have to edit it) twice? Now that you can share templates across charts, you don’t need to store so many! But because you can see these templates on-screen, it could appear that you have more, rather than fewer.

How many do you have? Just how many is too many?

The number of templates you need depends entirely on how you work. Having lots of templates is fine… But perhaps you have a template management problem if:

  • You can’t find the template you’re looking for
  • It’s not obvious what templates do
  • You have many templates which are similar and/or unused

These problems are all easily avoided by taking note of a few points.

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