StrataBugs webinar dates

Thanks to everyone for attending the first session, good to get the ball rolling! Try to install v3.0 before next week’s session, where we will diving into the concepts and practicalities of recording some data. If you missed the first session, or want to recap, you can join the repeat on Tuesday, otherwise get in touch if you need help installing. In session 2 there should be more time for questions and you can try some of the practical tasks on your own database.

Dates and links for future StrataBugs webinars:

Session 1 repeat: 16.30 BST Tuesday 4th. Registration link:–HMTw,bDxBSYuBMkOULOmn1_7vZw,ciriNPoqGEqGL7TaHFOs6g,d0t-44J3cUSiPWKqRmEQMw,JWFUcqZZHEapXTRAG5aoOA,Wlr5ipMj4U6rxeKISLEh4A?mode=read&tenantId=8e148ee9-f5dd-42f8-87ec-612bfbe1cc4f

Session 2 10.00 BST Thursday 6th April. Registration link:–HMTw,bDxBSYuBMkOULOmn1_7vZw,ciriNPoqGEqGL7TaHFOs6g,I7QITaqkoE-_lxQDjkhfeQ,vWOfTenuyEy1fUkI02veYg,rQUhciX3hkenlxDg9DunOg?mode=read&tenantId=8e148ee9-f5dd-42f8-87ec-612bfbe1cc4f


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