StrataBugs training webinars

With the release of v3.0, we’d love all of our users to become power users, so we are starting a series of short webinars covering all aspects of the system. Over the course of several weeks, it will form a complete training course.

The sessions will be free to attend for all StrataBugs licence holders who have a subscription or support contract. You do not need to attend each session, and if there is sufficient demand, sessions will be repeated.

Each session will be for no more than 45 minutes, and cover a main topic. There will be a talk for around 20 minutes then a Q&A session, demonstrations, and future topic requests.

The first session will be on Thursday 30th March at 10.00am BST. There will be a minimum and maximum number of attendees, so register early to avoid disappointment. The topic in this session is “Installing and getting started”.

This is suitable for anyone who hasn’t installed StrataBugs, or has a previous version and not yet installed v3.0, or who needs to manage their own system. The overview of the setup and main components might also be suitable for IT staff who need to support StrataBugs in their organisation.

A introduction to the function of the main components will also be given, and an overview of how to get started with StrataBugs.

If you would like to attend but the date and time is unsuitable, then please let us know so we can schedule an alternative in the future.

Contact us through this blog or by emailing, and we will send you a registration link.


  1. Hi Paul,

    I am still on v2.1 (and happy with it), but I would like to keep up to date but thursdays at 10am is not possible. Can you let me know if you decide to go ahead with alternative sessions?
    Thanks and best regards

    1. Hi Janice, I am thinking that the repeat session will be on Tuesday at 16.30 BST, would that work for you?

  2. Hello Paul,

    we would like to register for your webinar too please. We have version 2.1 just now,

    all the best, Emma 🙂

  3. Hi Paul, just seen your webinar post on linkedin. I was wondering if I could have the link and share with my colleagues who also use stratabugs?

    Many Thanks,

    PS: We have not yet moved to v3.0

  4. Dear:
    I’d like to participate here, because the StrataBugs is an important tool to biostratigraphical analysis.

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