StrataBugs 3.0 pre-release available

We have made available a pre-release version of StrataBugs 3.0 to allow interested users to help us test the system ready for release. Many of you have have previously expressed an interest in testing the new features, but we also need to make sure the existing functionality is unaffected with all the changes we have made.

If you are a StrataBugs user and entitled to a v3.0 licence, you can download the test release. Some of you will already have a v3.0 licence, others might need to contact us to get an updated licence file.

In this phase, we want to ensure that the changes to the database (the data model) do not require further changes before the full release, so we cannot guarantee that the database structure will stay the same as the final release. We therefore ask that any data you wish to work on are copied out of, or back into your existing 2.1.1 database, so that your database can be converted again when we provide the full production release.

To get started with v3.0 go to the download page and follow the instructions. Open the Help, and the learning trail for v3.0 to see a brief description of the new features. Currently we do not have a download bundle for Mac users, this will be available shortly.

The learning trail and the rest of the documentation still require further work, most of the help still relates to v2.1.1.

During the pre-release phase we will be making incremental update releases on a regular basis. Once we have reached the point of a production release, we will fix the data model for v3.0 but the applications will continue to be updated as part of our continuous product development. This means that once released, you will be able to convert your database to v3.0 and it will not need further conversion until we release v3.1.

Thank you for your patience.




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